Since more than 150 years

VSM Eingangsportal zum Verwaltungsgebäude im Jahr 1930

VSM stands for Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken AG, based in Hanover-Hainholz. Founded in 1864 by Siegmund Oppenheim and Siegmund Seeligmann, the company started out with the manufacturing of sandpaper. 50 years later, VSM decided to specialise in the production of coated abrasives.

It was the design of its own in-house cloth treatment plant that led to VSM becoming one of the leading companies in the abrasives industry at that time. Despite the ravages caused during the Second World War, the company’s success was unstoppable. Thanks to retained earnings and the dedication of the company’s workforce, it was possible to quickly resume the production on 5th October 1945.

What followed was the development of a belt conversion plant, storage facilities, laboratories, and test and pilot facilities in addition to the consistent expansion of its production capacities. The building of a state-of-the art training centre, which boasts a workshop with grinding machinery and conference rooms with modern conference technology, which can be used by both our customers and staff, completes the process of modernisation. All of this has contributed to making VSM what it is today – one of the most distinguished manufacturers in the abrasives industry.

VSM-VITEX Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft.

In 1904, the Bauer family founded a company for coated abrasives, in Budafok, named NAXOS.
As the sole producer of coated abrasives in Hungary, the company  went through a lot of changes. After the Second World War and a short period of Soviet ownership, the company became part of the Hungarian paper trust.
During the turnaround in the early 90s, the traditional markets were lost and modern Western products entered the county. This led to the need for a strong professional investor.

After privatisation by the German VSM in 1992, the company’s production of basic materials continued under the name of DUNA VITEX Ltd. until 1998.
Instead of keeping the outdated raw material production, VSM established DUNA VITEX as a modern conversion plant, which became the biggest plant within the VSM group in Europe.

While production stepped up, the VSM sales to the Hungarian market also increased steadily. Mainly metal users appreciate our high- quality products, the know-how and the technical assistance VSM gives to its partners.
From October 2015 onwards, Duna Vitex continued with the conversion of raw materials and VSM VITEX Ltd. has been serving VSM clients in both Hungary and Romania.

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